Hannah Scott Olson

Hannah Scott Olson has been performing since the age of 15. Her very first gig was at a venue called "Big Al's House of Blues", and has been playing shows ever since. Hannah grew up in a small 600 square foot home in Edmonton, Alberta and lived there for 18 years with her older sister; mother and father. Her childhood was full of love but also enough trauma to drastically change her life. As the daughter of an addict, she found music to be her home; her peace. She chose to keep singing despite it all because without music, she didn't have her light. Hannah has written over hundreds of songs and is ready to tell her side. Her voice resonates her story; one that encompasses her pain, trauma, love and heartache. Music has given her purpose; a reason to live.

The Heart of Her Story

As a young girl she was introduced to the genres Soul and Blues; with influences by Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Nora Jones, Etta James and more. Her voice is elegant, kind and resilient. She brings a timeless approach to classic Soul music with power; vibrance and grace. You will most likely see her taking off her heels mid show to feel everything. Every emotion; every instrument; sound; and note. She was certainly born for this.

Her Vocal Style and Technique

Life as a singer

Independent Artistry

Hannah has always been very upfront about her journey with Mental Illnesses and Trauma. She always speaks the truth. Never shying away from speaking on topics that can change the world. Body Image in the industry and on social media; women in music; LGBTQIA+ empowerment; climate change and more. Life as an independent artist has its ups and downs, but her purpose to heal people keeps her going everyday.

Hello everyone welcome to my official website! I have been in the studio working on my first single! I am so excited to have you all on this journey with me to make my dreams a reality. Make sure to follow me on my social media to stay up to date on my life; upcoming shows and more!

With love,

Hannah Scott Olson

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